I remember singing along with Sebastian under the sea and covering up my eyes when Philip would kiss Aurora and she woke up. I loved dancing with Cinderella and Prince Charming and I always loved going back to Lady and the Tramp's bella notte. Our reality sometimes makes us forget such precious moments in a world of our own, when we felt like we had no worries for the rest of our days. So i hope this blog reminds you all of the wonderous place we once knew so well. i'm Tati and welcome to Disney Serendipity :)


second star to the right and straight on till morning

thank you :)

taking a quick moment to thank manatopia for the wonderful theme she created and that i am currently using <3

(updated my About Sources. check “disclaimer” tag!)

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about sources!

people have been saying pretty mean stuff about me on other blogs. a lot of people say that i’m stealing people’s works and, without even knowing who i am or my story, they all come rudely to my ask box and either curse at me or are super rude. i’ve had a pretty tough week enough already with personal problems involving some idiot making a whole new tumblr to hate on me, when i never did anything to anybody!! but that’s another story..

anyways.. about the sources! i explained this once to disneyprince when he politely came to me asking if i had changed the source of one of his photosets. i wasn’t aware of this and i told him i didn’t and i changed the source back to his picture. when i did that, ALL my pictures had his name as the source. so he told me to change it back to my url. i notice that happened to a lot of my pictures and apparently its because of something of my computer! i have considered it to be my theme, which is why i changed it!! and people are still mad at me now. and with reason, i understand that. but it’s not my fault and as you may have noticed if you messaged me at any point: i don’t ever respond to rudeness! AT ALL! i had enough of that already on my main blog and i will never respond to hate on my disney blog :(

i’m sorry, but i don’t have the time to figure out the problem with my computer. which is why that i left the following message on my faq: please keep in mind that these graphics aren’t made by me, if you have a request please let me know and i’ll do my best to find it for you. 

i’m very sorry to those of you who spent a lot of your time doing these graphics, they are truly amazing and that’s why i reblog them! but for the moment all i can do is apologize. i’m really sorry! 

(Source: disney-serendipity)